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Secret Shoppers

In today’s competitive market, delivering an excellent customer experience is absolutely essential for businesses. A positive customer experience has become one of the most effective methods of gaining customer loyalty. One of the best ways of ensuring that your business is delivering the level of customer service that your customers expect and deserve is through the use of secret shoppers.

What is a Secret Shopper?

A secret shopper is a specially trained professional who has the task of evaluating the performance of an organisation’s customer service by posing as a customer. They then provide feedback on their overall experience with the business, rating elements such as service delivery, speed of service, as well as friendliness and quality of communication.

At Silent Customer, we offer expert secret shopper services that provide businesses with key insights, so they can improve their performance and close gaps in their operations. We implement a range of evaluation methods including customer reviews, digital audits of phone and online communication, as well as mystery guest visits. Our evaluations focus on providing detailed and actionable feedback so that our clients can make informed decisions on how to improve their customer experience.

Customer Reviews

We know how important customer feedback is to your business, and we make it our top priority to gather comprehensive reviews from your customers. Our team track, engage, and oversee all your customer reviews and feedback through a single, unified interface.

Secret Shopper Visits

Our expert team of secret shoppers come to your establishment and perform mystery guest visits. They pose as a regular customer, making enquiries, completing purchases, providing feedback, and evaluating various aspects of the experience. Through these evaluations, we identify areas for improvement and provide you with a detailed report on how to improve your operations.

Phone and Online Audits

We also conduct online and phone audits that provide a bird’s-eye view of your performance. Through detailed analysis, we evaluate the clarity and effectiveness of your communication online or on the phone, check on the professionalism and friendliness of your phone representatives, and assess the overall effectiveness of your online presence.

Positive Qualitative Feedback

As a leading secret shopper agency in the UK, we don’t just provide data and analytics, we also provide you with qualitative feedback that can help you understand the context behind the numbers. Our aim is to deliver this in a kind, constructive manner that will help empower your teams moving forward.

Looking for Secret Shoppers? Work With Us.

When you work with Silent Customer, you can always expect the highest level of quality, accuracy, and professionalism when it comes to our secret shoppers. Our evaluations are conducted with absolute discretion, and we maintain strict confidentiality to ensure that our work remains effective, and that your customers’ privacy is always respected. We understand that secret shopping can feel daunting and demotivating for employees, however, we ensure a positive experience to guarantee improvement and growth, assuring there is no loss of morale or trust between employee and employer.

Detailed Insights for Sustainable Growth

Our team will provide detailed insights into customer interactions, the level of service delivery, and the overall effectiveness of communication channels. Our evaluations identify gaps and provide practical, data-driven recommendations to help businesses improve their customer experience, outshine competitors, and drive sustainable growth.

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Free Training Tools

Free Training Tools

Intercepting Complaints

Check-backs and complaint handling go hand in hand. Intercepting a problem before a customer tells you, or Google, not only prevents negative word-of-mouth but can increase revenue through loyalty and positive PR.

Use our fun PEP talk sheets to support your front-line teams in learning how to avoid complaints.

Engaging Conversations

Building a natural and genuine rapport with guests can be the most positive and memorable part of their dining experience. Whilst the food and the environment can be remarkable by itself, making a customer feel that they are more than just a table number, has a far wider reach in terms of spreading positive word-of-mouth.

Use our fun PEP talk sheet to support your front-line teams in learning how to have engaging conversations.

Positive Body Language

Being able to communicate positivity, and with enthusiasm, encourages customers to reciprocate in the same manner. However, most of us are unaware of how we are perceived by others and, whilst we may think we are coming across as welcoming and friendly, our body language could be telling a different story.

Use our fun PEP talk sheet to support your front-line teams in understand the importance of self-awareness.

Relevant Recommendations

Team members need good product knowledge to be able to describe and enthuse, but often don’t know what many of the dishes taste like. A lack of upselling is also often due to a lack of confidence in knowing where to start a conversation that leads to a recommendation.

Use our fun PEP talk sheet to support your front-line teams in learning how to upsell.