Our Values​

During my 35 years working in hospitality, I have witnessed managers who have been kind and objective in giving feedback and many who weren’t. I saw a clear difference in behaviours, motivation, and productivity when people were given words of encouragement rather than those of critical preaching. 

As a manager myself, I learned that I would get the best of my teams when they were given autonomy to learn from their mistakes, not being reprimanded for simply trying their best.

We believe that nobody who runs a pub or restaurant goes to work to do a bad job or disappoint customers. We support managers and owners in finding ways to make changes within their organisations to action smoother running operations which generates happier teams, increases sales and reduces revenue leakage.   

Silent Customer was founded in 2008 bringing learning directly to the front line, based on the core values of giving feedback kindly to motivate and influence positive change.

Our team of validators, client managers and silent customers are all selected based on their understanding of the importance of these values.

Picture of Janet Wood founder of Silent Customer

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