Online and Phone Call Audits

Are your teams smiling over the phone? Are they are they hearing as well as listening? Are your chatbots asking the right questions?

Remote Customer Experience

Many businesses are investing in remote technology to save on labour costs and to communicate with their customers more effectively.

Support your teams in understanding how they can behave differently in order to engage and sell appropriately alongside technology. 

Improve your online customer experience by finding out how potential customers are using your apps and websites:     

In-house menu apps

Chat bot question flow

Phone call enquiries and sales

Email enquiries and order forms

Online ordering and delivery


Silent Customer uses ShopMetrics Cloud-based software platform to host and deliver mystery shopping services to its clients.

We have over 9000 Silent Customers on our database ready to call or feedback on their online experiences.

Benchmark your teams’  improvements on our fully customisable surveys and listen to the calls and download screen shots, email correspondence and snips.

Completed surveys are checked twice by our quality control team before being emailed to the appropriate client recipient. Year-to-date results are emailed monthly and access to our comprehensive, drill-down reporting dashboard is included as standard.