Mystery Visits

Mystery guest generates detailed, targeted insight. It is imperative in influencing change at ground level as it brings learning directly to your teams.


Identify areas for improved customer satisfaction
Monitor improvements over time
Measure expections against branding and online influence

Compare performance across different business types and area managers
Audit the success of new campaigns and projects

Identify training needs and shortfalls
Drive revenues and reduce revenue leakage

Motivate and stimulate staff to excel in their customer interactions
Action collaborative decision making at senior management level

Our Silent Customers

Silent Customers are covert visitors who give detailed feedback about their experiences. They answer questions about the ambience and feel of the establishment, the friendliness and knowledge of the staff, the cleanliness and upkeep of the building, the quality and presentation of the food as well as the marketing and online presence.

We do not believe that just ticking boxes is enough. Silent Customers are expected to explain any negative answers and contribute any emotive perceptions, good and bad. Our aim is to word feedback as suggestions for improvements rather than just pointing out what is wrong. This way we hope to influence change through encouragement rather than through direct criticism.

Silent Customers submit a writing sample on application and are selected, based on their understanding and objectivity. They are closely and continually monitored by our super friendly, quality control team. Sign-up as a Slient Customer.


Silent Customer uses ShopMetrics Cloud-based software platform to host and deliver mystery dining and mystery shopping  services to its clients. There are over 9000 Silent Customers around the UK and UAE ready to visit businesses and complete fully customisable surveys based upon their visit. ShopMetrics works with hundreds of international partners, each with thousands of assessors, enabling us to visit venues worldwide.

Completed surveys are checked twice by our quality control team before being emailed to the appropriate client recipient. Year-to-date results are emailed monthly and access to our comprehensive, drill-down reporting dashboard is included as standard.