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A highly reputable and esteemed bespoke mystery guest, mystery dining, and secret shopping agency in the UK, renowned for setting the gold standard in discreet and detailed evaluations

Small enough to care deeply about every client interaction and experience, big enough to deliver exceptional service in the UK, US, and UAE.

Mystery Dining, Secret Shoppers & Mystery Guests

Silent Customer is a renowned mystery dining and shopper agency based in the UK, specialising in providing services that go beyond traditional mystery shopping approaches.

With a unique emphasis on team motivation, our agency not only evaluates customer experiences but also focuses on enhancing employee performance and morale. By offering a holistic view of a business’s operations, Silent Customer provides valuable insights that extend beyond surface-level interactions, delving into the underlying factors that contribute to customer satisfaction.

Through real-life insights gathered by our skilled team of mystery shoppers, mystery dining and mystery guests, the agency offers actionable recommendations to help businesses improve their overall customer experience and drive long-term success.

Silent Customer stands out in the industry for our innovative approach, dedication to team motivation, and commitment to delivering comprehensive and transformative solutions for our clients.

Happy Customers

Our happy customers have gained valuable insight from our mystery dining, shoppers, and guests. Through the detailed reports and feedback provided by Silent Customer, our team can pinpoint strengths to celebrate and weaknesses to address, leading to a more customer-centric approach that resonates positively with your target audience.

We have worked with an array of recognisable, notable brands that have utilised our services to enhance their operations and maintain their competitive edge. If you’re looking to improve your customer satisfaction, reach out to our friendly team today.

We identify service shortfalls and wins.
We inspire change, reduce revenue leakage,
and build brand loyalty.

Customer Reviews Insight​

Monitor, respond & manage all your customer reviews and feedback from from one interface 

Mystery Guest

Mystery dining, mystery guest and secret shopper services specialising in positive, behavioural influence

Phone & Online

Covert, recorded and
bench-marked sales calls and online conversations

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Our Values

We believe in giving feedback kindly…

Our approach is rooted in the understanding that feedback should not only be informative but also motivational and encouraging. We recognise the value of highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement in a supportive manner, ensuring that our clients can benefit from actionable insights without feeling discouraged or criticised.


Hear all about our transformative mystery dining services directly from our clients.

Reputation Management

Mystery Visits

Phone & Online Audits

Free Training Tools

Free Training Tools

Intercepting Complaints

Check-backs and complaint handling go hand in hand. Intercepting a problem before a customer tells you, or Google, not only prevents negative word-of-mouth but can increase revenue through loyalty and positive PR.

Use our fun PEP talk sheets to support your front-line teams in learning how to avoid complaints.

Engaging Conversations

Building a natural and genuine rapport with guests can be the most positive and memorable part of their dining experience. Whilst the food and the environment can be remarkable by itself, making a customer feel that they are more than just a table number, has a far wider reach in terms of spreading positive word-of-mouth.

Use our fun PEP talk sheet to support your front-line teams in learning how to have engaging conversations.

Positive Body Language

Being able to communicate positivity, and with enthusiasm, encourages customers to reciprocate in the same manner. However, most of us are unaware of how we are perceived by others and, whilst we may think we are coming across as welcoming and friendly, our body language could be telling a different story.

Use our fun PEP talk sheet to support your front-line teams in understand the importance of self-awareness.

Relevant Recommendations

Team members need good product knowledge to be able to describe and enthuse, but often don’t know what many of the dishes taste like. A lack of upselling is also often due to a lack of confidence in knowing where to start a conversation that leads to a recommendation.

Use our fun PEP talk sheet to support your front-line teams in learning how to upsell.