Here’s a quick round-up of commonly asked questions – but don’t hesitate to speak to our team if yours isn’t covered below…
Silent Customers (the people who carry out the visits) choose the visits that appeal to them. However, we do not assign visits to Silent Customers whose writing samples or grading fall below our high standards. We have never found that we needed to discriminate on age, income or appearance. We all view the world through different filters, so while one Silent Customer will favour writing more about the food, another will be weighted towards the décor and ambience, and another the service. This feedback is a reflection of how real people are experiencing your establishment and, while you might think the food is the most important aspect of your business, that is not what everyone thinks, feels or why they would choose to come back or not. The more Silent Customers who give you feedback, the more of an unbiased and accurate reflection you will get of your business.
Yes, you can absolutely design your own survey and write the questions, but we find that clients don’t have the time to do this since it’s not a simple as you would believe it to be. “The structure of a questions pre-supposes the answer”. In other words, how a question is phrased will impact the output of the feedback. We have spent years writing questions and the supporting guidance that goes with them. We know which questions deliver useful feedback, so you don’t have to. We find that starting with a template works best and then we can adjust it to your specific customer journey, and tweak it as we learn more about what’s going on in your business.
We have a deep culture of caring and empathy. We are a small agency with a team that have worked together for many years. Our uniqueness is centred around our values of care and behavioural change, motivated through kindness not criticism. We are also flexible and responsive, and focused on behaviour rather than tick-boxes. We are focused on helping our clients move their teams beyond the service basics. We look at behaviours and ergonomics and can often diagnose issues that can be simply rectified. Finally, we are the only mystery company that has a two-stage validation process, enabling us to audit and monitor our own standards.

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