How do I become a hotel mystery shopper?

Anyone can sign up to be a mystery shopper but not everyone will get work and fewer will be chosen for expensive restaurants or hotel visits. Find out how you can be one of the few.

How do I get hotel mystery shops?

Firstly – there is no such thing as a free lunch. The amount of work required reflects the value of the visits. So, generally, the higher the reimbursement the greater the amount of work that it will entail.

All mystery shopping companies work in a similar way, rewarding loyal shoppers who can help with the visits that are less popular,  who can follow instructions to the letter, and who have good observation, excellent written English skills, and a constructive, positive attitude.

If you want to be a mystery guest for hotel visits then you need to rack up the brownie points by doing the less glamourous visits, work hard to prove yourself as reliable, and trustworthy, and show that you understand that your feedback and the way you deliver it makes a huge impact on the motivation of the teams we are there to support.

Here are some more of our more frequently asked questions and here are our top tips to help you get those top jobs.     

What if there aren’t any visits in my area to get on the ladder? 

Another question we are asked is why there are no visits in the particular area you live in. This is sometimes because the visits are allocated very quickly after they are published or, because we are a small agency, we just don’t have any clients with sites in those locations.

When this is the case, we advise that you sign up to other mystery shopping companies so that you can build up your experience and be ready to hit the ground running with us when we do have something in your area.

These are two of the best mystery shopping companies to work for – apart from us obvs!    



Good luck! 



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