What has happened to the demure cappuccino?

When it comes to the battle between cappuccinos and bucket drinks, it seems that the cappuccinos are being dethroned. But why is this happening?

Well, it all comes down to a clash of cultures – Italian versus American.

Customers feelings about the shift from cappuccinos to bucket drinks in cafes vary depending on their personal preferences and cultural background. For some, the oversized, indulgent nature of bucket drinks is appealing and fits in with the “bigger is better” mentality that is ingrained in American coffee culture. They enjoy the variety of add-ins and the Instagrammable moments that come with these eye-catching beverages. These customers see bucket drinks as a fun and exciting departure from the traditional cappuccino.

However, there are also customers who feel a sense of nostalgia for the simplicity and elegance of cappuccinos. These customers, especially those with Italian roots or a preference for Italian coffee culture, appreciate the small, demure servings and the perfect balance between espresso and steamed milk. They see cappuccinos as a morning ritual, meant to be savored alongside a light breakfast. For these customers, the rise of bucket drinks may be seen as a departure from the authentic coffee experience they have come to love.

Ultimately, customers’ feelings about the shift from cappuccinos to bucket drinks in cafes are a reflection of their own taste preferences and cultural influences. While some embrace the change and eagerly embrace the new trend, others long for the simplicity and tradition of a classic cappuccino.

Which are you?  

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